Rebecca was born and raised in the county of Grande Prairie. She grew up on a farm with three other siblings. She has always had a passion for helping people, but recently she started to contemplate how she could help others, specifically children, who suffer due to loss, trauma, poverty.

In 2015 she and her husband adopted a little boy from the Grande Prairie area. Their journey has taken them on paths of hardship, joy, healing, and beauty. Their eyes were opened to the need that exists for all kids, whether in foster care, adoption, or touched by extreme poverty to feel worthy & valued. After drawing up a rough plan for an idea to meet this need, she invited her dear friend Ruth Hamm to join her on the journey of building My LuvPak.

Along with being a mom, Rebecca works part time at the retail stores she co-owns, and is quickly becoming a full-time executive of My LuvPak. Her passion is to see every child in need given hope, love, and a sense of self worth through their LuvPak mission.

Ruth and  the boys.jpg

Ruth was born and raised in a farming community in Saskatchewan. Her parents being long-time Foster Parents, Ruth had numerous siblings over the years; Some that stayed for a time, and others that still remain.

After raising 6 children of her own (4 of whom are adults now), Ruth became a licensed foster parent and began taking children into her home.

Besides being a foster mom, Ruth works full-time in finance with a local organization, and also works internationally with a project that supports the development of businesses for single mothers in Uganda.

My LuvPak is part of Ruth’s passion to see that trauma & loss of at-risk children is addressed not only from a practical place, but also an emotional & psychological place.


Julie was born and raised in the city of Grande Prairie and was the oldest of her 4 siblings. Her parents have always modeled generosity and caring for others throughout her life, and she is quick to attribute that they played a major role in shaping her into the compassionate woman she is today.

Along with loving her role as a Mom to three active and growing boys, Julie also gets to live out her passion for design and architecture through her business in residential home design.

Julie is a front line worker for a local church group called Faith in Deed. They assist people in the Grande Prairie area with urgent needs, ranging from helping to provide food, rent, or the need to relocate due to an emergency situation. It is a stretching volunteer position that lets her live out her compassion for others.

She is thrilled to be a part of My LuvPak and is passionate about its mission to bring value and love to kids from scary and stressful situations.


Heather was born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC with her older brother. She and her husband, Chris, settled in Grande Prairie in 2008 and have since had 3 children. 

Heather has worked for 2 provincial governments with child protective services (in roles ranging from front line intake, investigation, family and foster care support, mental health counselor and foster care supervisor) fom 2004-2014, when their last child was born. Heather has been a stay-at-home mother ever since. Along with being a stay-at-home mom, Heather, along with her husband, run and manage their own local escape room company.

Heather is also a supervisor for a local church group called Faith in Deed. They assist people in the Grande Prairie area with urgent needs, ranging from helping to provide food, rent, or the need to relocate due to an emergency situation. It is a volunteer position that allows Heather to live out her passion for helping families, while utilizing her skills and experience to support a team.

Heather has been excited about My LuvPak since discussing it with Rebecca as it was just being started. She is honored to support My LuvPak and work it does to show love to children and youth in our communities.